Triumph Over the Mushrooms



You’ve all heard that old adage that is applied to looking after mushrooms:  “Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit.”  Well, with the Irish voters as the mushrooms our detestable Government has taken that one to heart, for sure.  They’re no longer content with just actively keeping us in the dark but are now wilfully feeding us disinformation.  That’s disinformation, spelled L-I-E-S.

10th of November, 2012:  the vote on the Children’s Referendum.

You would think that after three terms with the Fianna Fail Party in charge and telling us one porky after another that we would be used to being treated like suckers and fools.  After all, we let them away with it.  But the sheer jaw-dropping arrogance of Fine Gael since they got into power has been nothing short of breathtaking.  I mean, at least Fianna Fail tried to disguise the fact that they were lurking behind you in the prison shower when you dropped the soap; this lot don’t even pretend to be anything but a gang of complete chancers.

There sat Enda Kenny in Opposition for twelve years and telling us all what his lot were going to do to put things right with the sinking Irish economy.  In the last four of those years he knew that they were a shoo-in for the election, so sick were we with self-serving FF gougers like Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen.  So having finally been given their chance would you not have thought that Enda and Company would have made just a small bit of an effort for the first few months, at least; just to show willing, you know?  I mean, we knew that they had inherited a mess—and by God, don’t they keep reminding us of that—but they went hell for leather right from the start in looking after their cronies, giving jobs to every family member that came along, ignoring pay caps if that small detail applied to one of their own and not minding that we knew they were liars.

That’s what gets me:  they have such contempt for us that they don’t even intend to give a reasonable answer any more when they’re caught with their hands in the till or giving out jobs to their mates.  Enda has reneged on every single promise that he made when he was trying to get into power. Every single one.  Think about that.  So they weren’t promises, they were—let’s call them those words that they try to avoid—bare-faced lies.  And since they have lied in order to get into power then I don’t see why I should recognise Kenny as having a mandate.  Sure, I didn’t personally vote for him but the majority did; however, since he is there on a platform of lies and deception then I do not recognise that he represents the majority either.   I know a hell of a lot of people who bitterly regret wasting their vote on him.  And I certainly don’t feel that he had any right, when collecting his Lapdog and Traitor of the Year Award from the German Magazine Association on Thursday night that he had the right to say he was collecting it on behalf of the Irish people.

Mind you, it’s nice work if you can get it.  Enda spent a comfortable few hours flying in the government jet, the Gulfstream IV, going from Dublin to Budapest,  then on to Vienna before hitting the Irish capital of Berlin and then back, no doubt reluctantly, to little old Dublin again.  And the bill for the Irish taxpayer was over €30,000.  Money well spent; and we might as well get used to it because the Kenny Clan take twice the amount of trips abroad as the previous gangsters did—and that’s really saying something.

Enda Kenny, the face on the cover of Time magazine; Enda Kenny, becoming European of the Year because he lets us suffer at home rather than take on Angela Merkel.  Well, the Americans and part of Europe may be buying this old guff, but here we know him for what he is.  Now bow your head down, Enda.  Angela wants to give it another little pat for good luck.  As the kids would say:  Could you BE a bigger embarrassment to us?

Well, as it turns out, yes.

Let’s look at this utterly pointless referendum that we are being told to vote YES to on this auspicious day.  All the major goons had people convinced that if they didn’t do what they were told that they were some sort of monsters who hated children.  For my own good reasons I’ve been advocating a NO vote for weeks; but to tell you the truth I didn’t really have my heart in it, so sure I was that the YES side had it tied up just due to the lack of information from the opposition.

And perhaps they do have.  I’m leaving the end of this piece for tomorrow when the results are in.  But at least some people have now changed their minds after the extraordinary events of the past few days.

A Dublin engineer called Mark McCrystal had decided to take a legal challenge against the referendum and on Thursday the Supreme Court ruled that the campaign run by the Government was NOT fair, was NOT equal, was NOT impartial.  This was a unanimous decision by the five most senior judges.  Over one million Euros of taxpayers’ money has been used by our corrupt Government in order to print literature and run a website that would give people erroneous information.  And yes, both those words are spelled L-I-E-S.

In a sane country that should have been that.  The referendum should have been at the very least postponed until the people could be given some proper, impartial, non-Government controlled information to digest.  But that would be in a sane country with a Government that acted on behalf of the people, not its own agenda; and so we were told that the vote was going to go ahead regardless of what small details like a finding from the SUPREME COURT entailed!

Move along there, ladies and gentlemen, nothing to see…nothing to see here.  We accept the findings and respect them but we’re going to ignore them anyway.  It’s time to put the past behind us and move on!

Well, that’s what I expected them to say and I wasn’t too far wrong

It actually went like this:  “We sought advice from the Attorney General’s office”.  Yes, that’s impressive so they must have steered you right.  No, they were “wrong”.  What? Wait a minute; this is the ATTORNEY GENERAL’S office.

“Legal advice can be wrong.”  Well, surely some people will be getting sacked over this waste of taxpayers’ money.  Heh heh, are you mad?  This is Ireland.  Nobody will lose their job over this.  Anyway, it was only a million Euros and a bundle of lies for your own good.  If we had left you to think for yourselves you might have voted NO and then we would have to do it all again until you got it right.  Like the Lisbon Treaty.  Like Nice.  Remember them? That’s democracy, Irish style.

The Fine Gael director of elections, Leo Varadkar stepped forward to say with authority:  “The people make the final decision on this matter and the people will make the final decision tomorrow.”

The final decision, eh?  Even if it’s NO?  I guess that Leo has erased the original Lisbon and Nice results from history as well.

“If the Government made a mistake here in the information booklet we hold our hands up and we accept that.”  That’s big of you!  But what’s this IF you made a mistake.  Weren’t you listening?  The Supreme Court didn’t mention any if, but or maybe.  Then again, you are completely ignoring the Supreme Court in any case which makes me wonder exactly what use it is now at all.

It will publish its findings in full on December the 11th.  Maybe I’m just being awkward but I would have thought that was a bit late in the day.

Former MEP and No campaigner Kathy Sinnot said:  “The very contempt that the State showed its people in producing one-sided leaflets has now been exposed by the Supreme Court…and that same contempt is the kind they hold us the voters in.”

Whilst Mr. McCrystal, the man who got all this rolling said:  “People should pay careful attention now at this stage to the Government using taxpayers’ money in a way which is not consistent with a fair and open democracy.”

The Next Evening…Sunday.

And that’s it!  The mushrooms were kept well fed and voted like the Big Boys told them to vote.

There was a 58% YES vote through a 34% turn out.

Well done!  You have made Enda and Company very proud.  Now you’ve had your say.  Back into the dark with you!

We’ll call you when we need to tell you how to vote again.