Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy. ~Ernest Benn

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Reasons to be Cheerful

  Chicago’s Irish American News, December 2018       Good old Sinead O’Connor.  Well, as was.  Between the jigs and the reels I haven’t found a lot to smile about these past few months, but Sinead’s latest shenaninigans are… oh, different.  Even for her. As you’ll know by now, Sinead O’Connor is no more. Earlier this year she changed her name to Magda Davitt.  Something to do with wishing to rid herself of ‘parental curses’; you know – the usual problems that beset all of us.  Nobody seems to have noticed or cared and so now she’s done the big one:  converting to Islam and changing her name once again, this time to Shuhada Davitt.  Apparently it means something like ‘martyr’ which would appear to be appropriate considering how the lady has always viewed herself. With a proper sense of occasion Shuhada/Sinead wrote in October: “This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim.  This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey.  All scripture study leads to Islam.  Which makes all other scriptures redundant.” She then went on to burst into song with a rousing rendition of the Islamic call to prayer which, if recorded, one suspects will probably NOT equal ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ in selling power.  Or even on a list of memorable tunes to hum along to. Naturally enough, Shuhada Magda’s conversion – ah hell, I’m just going to write Sinead for the sake of convenience – is her own business.  And if she wants to share her happiness with us, that’s fine too; whatever floats your boat, says I. But Sinead being Sinead, she has never been one to leave things alone and so of course she had go that extra step and – having given it possibly no... Full Article →

“All I ask is a Merry Yarn… when the Long Trick’s Over…”

“All I ask is a Merry Yarn… when the Long Trick’s Over…”   Chicago’s ‘Irish American News’ September 2018   It’s not the earliest memory I have of my parents, of course it isn’t; but it’s certainly one of the nicest. There was my brother Donald and me – he, six years of age and me, eight – in the back of my dad’s old Ford Zodiac. Crazy, the things you remember. I loved that Zodiac because of the little fins it had on the back of it. I was already into science-fiction and it made me think we were being sped along in that underwater vehicle from Gerry Anderson’s 60s TV puppet show ‘Stingray’. And we were coming back from a day on the beach at Ayr, Scotland.  I can’t remember what sort of messing around we were doing in the back; it was probably annoying our little brother Tom, who was four. But in that vague way you have when you’re that age, you always have your big ears open to what’s going on with the adults – the grown-ups – the ones that make life safe for you; not that you think of it in those terms.  But whoever first coined the phrase: ‘Little pitchers have big ears’ had the right of it. And we could hear Tom and Agnes ‘Nan’ Brady — our parents– talking back and forth about the lovely day we’d just had. White noise, really, except… Out of the blue, Nan asks Tom what was the happiest time in his life; and Tom says:  ‘This is.  This is the happiest time in my life’. I can still remember Donald and me just stopping – one of those magic moments of stillness that you never ever forget – and looking at each other, this... Full Article →

Tricky Mickey Lowry & Other White Collar Crooks

Tricky Mickey Lowry & Other White Collar Crooks   Chicago’s ‘Irish American News’, August 2018   “What business had they, bringing me here to the special criminal court in Dublin?” wailed dodgy TD Michael Lowry after being slapped very mildly on the wrist with a €25,000 fine for tax offences. Gee, I don’t know, Michael, but let me take a wild guess.  Maybe because they thought, like most of the rest of us and definitely me, that you’re a criminal? But he’s a card, is Michael.  A white-collar card. It’s all apparently a State & Media conspiracy to besmirch the name of a good man, you see.  In fact, he was only short of pulling on a Richard Nixon mask, raising the two fingered V-sign and yelling I AM NOT A CROOK.   Thing is though that I’ve got a soft spot for the late Tricky Dicky and none at all for Tricky Mickey. “Nobody understands unless you are in the position, if you’ve been harassed, chased and hounded by various institutions of the state.  It’s only when you are in that position, and fortunately I had the strength, I had the courage and I had the conviction, blah blah blah….” The strength and the courage… pass me the sick bucket, I do believe I’m about to have a movement. Ah yes, it’s a tale as old as Time:  a good, decent man picked on and bullied by the nasty media.  Amazing how different someone can sound when he’s giving a self-serving public speech compared to when he’s caught on tape, though. Here is Tricky Mickey being strong and courageous with property consultant Kevin Phelan in 2004, concerning a certain £248,624 sterling that the mean old Revenue commissioners were showing an interest in: “I’m asking you Kevin, for fuck’s sake, will... Full Article →