It’s really depressing at the moment that there is so much attention on refugees and migrants nearly losing their lives, then not being treated well when they get to Europe. “

Such were the wise words from ex-Irish President Mary Robinson this week.  She didn’t go quite as far as Independent Mick Wallace and have a complete crying-fit/breakdown in the Dail, but I’m sure her lip was trembling.

She had the answer, though.  We should take a few tips from Ethiopia.

The UN Special Envoy for El Niño and Climate has been over there for three whole days and added:

“Yet in Ethiopia they are made welcome and they are cared for, the way it should be.  Europe can learn from what is happening here in Ethiopia.” 

 Quite, I’m sure.

Mrs. Robinson then added that she was delighted to be able to offer the grounds of her home at Massbrook Manor, Co.  Mayo with its 113 acres of fishing-and-shooting land to the refugees and she and husband would make them very welcome.

Nah, of course she didn’t; don’t be daft.  She’s got it on the market for 2.75 million as she is downsizing to Dublin.

In a property piece ‘The Irish Times’ said that Massbrook has served as the couple’s primary base in Ireland since 1994.  I like that:  ‘primary base’.

Mind you, I’d love to live with that mile of shoreline onto Lough Conn myself, and its ‘permanently maintained grounds, set in mature woodland of beech, oak and Scots Pine with walkways past beautiful specimen trees and plants.’

Jealous much?  Me?  Damned right I am; and I wouldn’t be letting refugees anywhere near it either if I owned it.

Look, I’ve got nothing against Mrs. Robinson and wish her luck with the sale.  It’s just that I have a pain in my ass with being lectured to by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Bono, Geldof and every other wealthy windbag who will never be affected by the problems that are emerging with a changing Europe.

A whimsical Mr. Robinson said: “It’s lovely to close the gate on the outside world and just walk the grounds, especially for Mary when she’s back here.”

Ah, bless.  The things that we have to give up.