Liar, Bullshitter or Mentally Ill…We Need to Know!


Good Lord, could this appalling waste of oxygen possibly get more creepily condescending than this? 

At a Fine Gael Presidential dinner last night (the thought of which alone makes me want to throw up), Enda Kenny – fresh from brazenly saying that he’ll get rid of the ‘savage’ USC if we just give him four more years – came up with this charming tale of two ordinary blokes having a chin wag.

“I went for a little walk today around Merrion Square”. 

Picture the scene.  Ordinary Enda, man of the people, in an attempt to commune with Nature waves off his minders and assorted flunkies in order to take a ‘little’ walk.

“Inside I sat on a bench for 20 minutes with a homeless man who told me his story – from England, to here, to where he is now – it was a heart wrenching story I have to say.”

I have no idea why Kenny wanted to share this.  There seems to have been some kind of point that the guy was doing his best to change his situation and Kenny was doing his bit to change the economic one, but in truth I really don’t know.  He went on to say that the man “is almost there with the work that he has taken on personally that he is doing…

“These people are out there tonight and we have to deal with them.  And in order to deal with all those things we need an engine to drive it, and that engine is the economy.”

‘These people’.  Nice, Enda, nice.  You really do have the common touch, don’t you?

I genuinely have no idea what he is on about.  Is the report I’m looking at erroneously worded or am I just not getting this?

Is the man homeless now? Or is he back working?

More to the point, does he even exist?

I don’t know if Kenny is just increasingly deluded or just plain telling lies.  When he talks about meeting men who were carrying two pints in each hand can that be independently verified from a third person perspective?

When he talks about working people hanging out of their windows and congratulating him on the great job he’s doing, is he hearing them correctly or are they telling him where they would like to jam their fist?

Again, do they exist at all?

Because if Enda is simply a sociopath who has no concept of right or wrong then it’s not really too bad.  It would hardly be the first time that a country stumbled along whilst being led by a creature with no conscience.

But if it’s gotten to the stage where he’s actually having daytime hallucinations then maybe it’s time we quietly called for the men with the butterfly nets.

If anyone had passed him in Merrion Square yesterday I think they should let us know:  was there a homeless man telling him his story or was Enda just sitting there completely on his own, muttering now and again:  “I know; oh, I know all about it.”

Anyone remember in 2008 when Hillary Clinton claimed to have arrived in Bosnia under sniper fire but the video footage showed nothing of the kind?

Anyone remember when President Ronald Reagan made this amazing statement:

“A few months ago, I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages.  My heart and my best intentions still tell me that is true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it’s not.”

Uh….right.  Then again, Reagan used to claim that he had been present at the liberation of the German concentration camps when in fact he had just been looking at some footage back in California.

So it’s not as if Kenny isn’t in good company.  And I have to admit that the one thing that puts me off the idea that he is just your common and garden variety sociopath is that although he certainly fits many of the credentials he doesn’t have that veneer of charm that they are supposed to posses.  Or at least I don’t see it.

All I see when he opens his mouth is a sleazy, somewhat moronic-looking, cringe-inducing liar with balls that I would never tire of kicking.

Still…sociopath; liar; simple bullshitter; or just a very ill man who is seeing thing that aren’t there and hearing things that aren’t being said – we really should be told.