Kenny Sings and Mullen Waffles in Christmas Greetings to make you Heave.



I’m just getting ready to head off to see my dear old mother in Scotland, so I should be in a good Christmas mood; but there’s always some complete toss-pot of a politician who manages to upset you and turn you into the Grinch in three seconds flat.

At this stage Senators have proved themselves to be about as useful as a spare tentacle in a Lovecraft story but did Ronan Mullen really go out of his way on Tuesday to prove that some people shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without supervision? I mean, seriously, maybe he had been hitting the old egg-nog a bit too early but how did he connect the dots in such a way that he made his logic look like one of Picasso’s saner paintings? How in hell did he manage to equate the nightmare murder of twenty school children in America with our own Irish ongoing…and ongoing… debate on abortion?

In some blue fugue of righteous indignation– being aimed in the wrong direction, of course– Senator Muppet Mullen fumed:

“It is entirely appropriate that we join in solidarity with the parents of the children who died in Connecticut.

“Let us not slip into a double think, however, that we forget a category of children in our own country.  The Government has a very serious decision to make in the coming weeks and months on the abortion issue.”

Well, I don’t know about ‘double think’ Senator Mullen; but why not just try ‘think’?  As in think before the few brain cells that you have floating around there connect together and remember that child’s primer of George Orwell that you obviously read when you were seven.

Mullen the Moolah went on to whine:

“I am very worried about the Government’s attitude.  I want to promote a culture of best care for women and their unborn children to patients. I am worried about that attitude at the highest level of Government.”

Senator Mullen, I do hope that at some level you know that you are just being a completely ignorant toolbox. Even if –and it’s a big if—you actually give a damn about anything except collecting expenses and lording it over the peasants who have brains to burn in comparison to you and your like, you must surely know that there is no connection between the argument here and a disturbed man going on a slaughter rampage in America.

That is not only insulting to us; it is an even bigger insult to those who have gone through and or going through that horror. Get a grip, would you?

Bloody hell, you would have been better off going out and joining our beloved Taoiseach Enda Kenny in singing a few carols along with his no-doubt embarrassed staff.

Did you ever see such a smirking face, looking as if it was all beneath him?  I have to admit, the idea of having carol singers knocking on my gaff and attempting to sing a few bits of doggerel would immediately  have me reaching for the boiling oil tanks and pouring them down from Brady Mansions…but if you have to do it, Kenny, do it as if you mean it. Don’t do it as if you have nothing but contempt for us, even though we know that is all you have. Go through the motions, man!

No, instead of dressing up as Santa for his sins, there was the dreaded Senator Mullen on radio telling Pat Kenny that he stood by his remarks:

“I did so in a reflective spirit and I would encourage my colleagues not to fall prey to double think by forgetting a whole category of children. And that is what is at risk of happening.”

‘Double think’ again. It’s bad enough getting useless sound bites from Kenny and Co.  It’s really hitting the bottom of the sewer tanks when supposed Independents start coming out with this old guff as well.

Have a great Christmas!