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Here was that preening popinjay, Enda Kenny, this morning:

“I would appeal directly to Praveen Halappanavar, who is a decent man, to meet with the chairperson of the investigation team without prejudice because it is very necessary that the truth of these circumstances be found out.”

Seriously, could this guy actually get more damned patronising than he already is?  I mean, “a decent man”, Kenny!  Jesus bloody wept! Why don’t you give him a condescending pat on the head whilst you’re at it; and then add, “Sure Gob and Begorrah, come into the parlour here, me old flower.  You can trust me. I’m a good honest salt-of-the-earth Irish politician. Sure wasn’t I on the front of Time magazine and European Man of the Year and everything?”

Enda, listen up there:  it’s because you’re an Irish politician that I hope he isn’t paying a blind bit of notice to you.  At this stage most of us just figure:  Irish politician/crook.

Your friends in Germany might be happy to give you little awards in return for betraying your own people, but I’m willing to bet good money that they still count their fingers after they’ve shaken hands with you and Gilmore.  Am I joking?  Hell, I’d be counting my hands!

This man has lost his wife, Savita, under the most appalling circumstances.  And that has opened up the entire debate on abortion once again and, I would imagine, as he learns more and more of how utterly unnecessary his wife’s death was that he’s getting more and more angry.  No wonder he doesn’t want to meet people who have been chosen to do an inside investigation.  You could hardly blame him if he smelt something foul and awful like ‘cover-up’, now could you?

…”not a priority for the government right now.”

There have been tens of thousands of words on this tragedy these past days but it’s no harm to just remember this basic fact:  It is twenty years—twenty years!—since the Supreme Court findings on the X case showed that abortion was permissible in this country in the event that the woman’s life was in danger.

Yet no politician, out of seven frigging governments had the will to tackle this. Which makes me ask ONCE AGAIN exactly what the Supreme Court is for?  The Government took no heed of it on the Children’s Referendum recently and it took less heed two decades ago.

Abortion has always been such a political minefield in this country that every one of our elected representatives was doing their best to wish it away until someone else had to deal with it.

Look at Kenny’s own words only two months ago when the smug chancer was oozing charm for his unconsciously hilarious Time magazine interview. Whilst saying that he was personally against abortion he added:

“I think that this issue is not a priority for the government right now.”

Oooh, Enda; right old bastardly bad timing that was, eh?

As for the Opposition who are very unhappy about all this.  Well, you have to laugh, really.  There’s Michael Martin, waffling away like a good thing, hoping that we won’t remember that his shower were in charge for twelve of those years.  Well, he was only Minister for  Health with the more important task of bringing in the smoking ban whilst hoping against hope that it would be somebody else’s problem when the dread spectre of Abortion came around again.  At least something worked out for him for a change!

By the way, hasn’t it been interesting to see the ghastly Youth Defence crawling out from under their stones again?  I do wish that someone would step on them once and for all.

If I write any more on this I’ll put my laptop through the window, so instead I’m going to hurriedly move on to the man who never held a principle he couldn’t sell out on.  Yes, that’s right.  It’s Labour leader Eamon Gilmore, not that this is likely to make me any the happier.


Gilmore and Quinn—the New Feminists

I’ve said elsewhere that one of the main differences between the Fine Gael chancers and the Fianna Fail ones is that FG hardly even attempts to lie anymore.  And as for the swinish turncoats of the Labour party, well they know that they will be as extinct as the Green Party when the electorate get their grubby unwashed hands on a voting card again. Gilmore despises us and why wouldn’t he? We’re the ones who let it come to this.

So he certainly didn’t see anything that needed to be explained when we learned that his wife Carol Hanney was being given a Government job at the nice salary of €92,000 a year.  No need to advertise this one, lads, wink wink, sure the missus is highly qualified for it.  Anyway, you put that one on the market and you’ll only have one of those lousy unemployed, unwashed voters trying to improve themselves, won’t you?

Correct me if I’m wrong now, but isn’t this the kind of thing that FG/Labour were going to put out of business when they got into power? This kind of arrogant entitlement that they swore they would drive out of politics?

Do they think we’ve already forgotten the gripping saga of how Gilmore’s wife sold a family plot to the State for €500,000?

I don’t care if what she is doing is not illegal.  With more than half the country on Medical Cards now (something that they’re already making threatening noises about); with thousands unemployed and with no prospect of work; with families literally dreading Christmas; with suicide figures rising steadily; with all of this do they think that the average person is looking at her €92,000 and his184,000 a year and is going to say “Fair dues to them.  Nice to see someone getting on.”

No! They’re going to say: “Hold on a minute. These are the people who are saying how necessary cutbacks are! These are the ones who are going to savage us in the budget! Something is really damned wrong here!”

And yet today they did their best to make it seem as if it was the idiot in the street that didn’t understand what the Big Brains were playing at.

Gilmore:  “It’s disappointing that some people seem to think that a woman shouldn’t have a job or an independent career.”

Education Minister Ruairi Quinn:  “Carol Hanney has had a career in her own right, as every woman has the right to do.”

Could they be less credible if they tried!  No one is arguing with the credentials of Gilmore’s wife.  Do you bastards honestly think that you can twist this into some sort of attack on feminism?

[Come to think of it I’m surprised that Gilmore the Feminist didn’t use this chance to up his wife’s pay to the same as his.  In the interests of equality, like.]

To Hell with the lot of you:  try to twist our words as much as you like, but we let you lie your way into power not much more than a year ago and in a short time you have made yourselves a staggeringly loathed government of con men, graspers and promise-breakers.  I know that I will never believe a single thing that you swine come out with.

And I know that I’m not the only one.