I worked, long ago, in New York City, in construction, like many young men of the Mohawk Nation.  I found that whites were often like us, and I could not hate them one at a time.  But they do not know the earth or love it. They do not speak from the heart, usually.  They do not act from the heart.  They are more like the actors on the movie screen.  They play roles.

“And their leaders are not like our leaders.  They are not chosen for virtue, but for their skill at playing roles.  Whites have told me this, in plain words.  They do not trust their leaders and yet they follow them.  When we do not trust a leader, they are finished.  Then, also, the leaders of the whites have too much power.  It is bad for a man to be obeyed too often.  But the worst thing is what I have said about the heart.  Their leaders have lost it and they have lost mercy.  They speak from somewhere else.  They act from somewhere else.  But from where?  Like you, I do not know.  It is, I think, a kind of insanity.”

Native American in the novel  The Eye in the Pyramid by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, 1975.