Yes, I’m all Gay-ed out; just plain flat Gay-ed and Transgendered-out.  I’m fed up hearing both of those words, to tell you the truth.  I’m also tired of the initials LGBTQ.

Q for Questioning has to be stuck on the end of this now?

Hell, we’re all questioning – I’m always questioning everything.  Well, not quite everything.  I mean, I’m perfectly happy with being a white, heterosexual male of somewhere more than middle age.  But I’m beginning to feel as if I should be apologizing for that.

It seems like we are all expected to feel everyone’s pain these days.  Look at those clowns in Dublin during the week, demonstrating at something called ‘Black Lives Matter’.  Isn’t that the most *gasp* racist thing you ever heard?  I thought that all lives mattered – and by the way, when was the last time a racist Irish cop shot a black person?

Never.  But apparently that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t get out on the streets, emoting our asses off. FEELING THE PAIN, MAN; FEELINGT OUR BROTHER’S (AND SISTER’S) PAIN!

Well, at least until the next trendy cause comes along for Generation Snowflake.

I hate it when one of these arguments includes: ‘Some of my best friends are gay.’  The thing is that I only really have a very few friends.  And before someone smirks ‘Why doesn’t’ that surprise me’? put your little claws away and behave; because I’m talking about flesh-and-blood friends who would lend you a tenner if you were broke.  I’m not talking about the 20,000 close and intimate friends that you have on social media.

As it happens, one of my friends is gay – stop hiding, Lauren; I don’t need that tenner (yet) — as are maybe five or six acquaintances.  Well, you can’t help having gay acquaintances if you’re an Arty type like me, he said, throwing an outrageous gay stereotype that’s just bound to offend some precious little buttercup.

[Incidentally, I’m writing this while listening to my favourite radio show, Lyric FM’s wonderful Movies and Musicals.  I just mention that to show you how sensitive I really am.]


As if you weren’t pissed-off enough at hearing G.A.Y being mentioned EVERYWHERE – that and the battle for Transgender toilets – gay controversy has now hit Star Trek.  Yes! That Star Trek:  great TV show and spinoffs; some wonderful movies; and a mighty continuation in an alternative reality from JJ Abrams.

How the bejeezus could outing one of the characters as gay be controversial in Trek-land?  I hear you ask.  They’ve been having interSPECIES sex for years, for crying out loud!  Currently, Earth girl Lieutenant Uhura and Vulcan Mr. Spock are going at it like intergalactic bunny rabbits; and do you remember the green chick that Kirk was showing his dilithium etchings to in the first Abrams?  I’m still drooling.

So with all this and a ton more going on do you think that ANYONE in the Universe would be surprised that same sex couples were going around the world?  (Couldn’t resist that.)

Well, maybe it’s just because it has had to become such a bloody big phony, fake, trend-for-today, progressive liberal nonsense issue!

And in fact it made me laugh.  Because the ‘new’ Scotty and co-scripter Simon Pegg seems to have expected a pat of approval from George Takei, the actor who played the original Sulu and who Pegg has re-imagined as a gay character for next week’s release of Star Trek Beyond.

Since George has been very active in gay rights for at least the past decade Simon probably thought that it would be high-fives all around; but instead Takei – who has really gone up in my estimation – went all Grouchy, Grumpy Old Queen on him.  Because – like the rest of us – he was sick of seeing the gay biz being thrust in at warp speed everywhere.

He told Hollywood Reporter:

“I’m delighted there’s a gay character.  Unfortunately, it’s a twisting of Gene [Roddenberry]’s creation, to which he put in so much thought.  I think it’s really unfortunate.”

I love it!  An actor actually putting the character ahead of the usual misconceived sexual/political agenda.  Well, if you want to take it that seriously, which I don’t particularly.  I’m just having a light-hearted break from the real news and utter insanity of the last few days.


To all you same sex folks:  We had the equality referendum last year.  Overwhelming win. Everybody loves you.

Time to move on – and give the rest of us a bleeding break from it.


A Dream Reply from Simon Pegg…

At least, it is if you’re a nerd like myself.

Obviously a bit taken aback that George Takei didn’t greet his script with oodles of love and affection Simon put a lengthy and wonderfully geekish reply on his own blog, part of which read:

“With the Kelvin timeline, we are not entirely beholden to existing canon, this is an alternate reality and, as such is full of new and alternate possibilities.  “BUT WAIT!” I hear you brilliant and beautiful super Trekkies cry, “Canon tells us, Hikaru Sulu was born before the Kelvin incident, so how could his fundamental humanity be altered?  Well, the explanation comes down to something vey Star Treky; theoretical, quantum physics and the less than simple fact that time is not linear.  Sure, we experience time as a contiguous series of cascading events but perception and reality aren’t always the same thing.  Spock’s incursion from the Prime Universe created a multidimensional reality shift.  The rift in space/time created an entirely new reality in all directions, top to bottom, from the Big Bang to the end of everything.  As such this reality was, Is and always will be subtly different from the Prime Universe. I don’t believe for one second that Gene Rodenberry wouldn’t have loved the idea of an alternate reality (Mirror, Mirror, anyone?).  This means, and this is absolutely key, the Kelvin universe can evolve and change in ways that don’t necessarily have to follow the Prime Universe at any point in history, before or after the events of Star Trek ’09.  It can mutate and subvert, it is a playground for the new and progressive and I know in my heart, that Gene Roddenberry would be proud of us for keeping his ideals alive.  Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, this was his dream, that is our dream, it should be everybody’s.”

Wow.  Seriously:  are you as turned-on right now as I am?